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What To Believe | Cancer Truth

Cancer What To Believe? Consider The Facts!

By John J. Moelaert author of The Cancer Conspiracy. TEL: (250) 472-0061 Postal address: 102-2500 Florence Lake Rd. Victoria, BC, Canada V9B 4H2
Web: http://members.shaw.ca/cancerconspiracy E-Mail:[email protected]

The so-called war against cancer is the biggest hoax ever perpetrated on a gullible public. It is easy to prove: If the billions of dollars spent on cancer research during the past 50 years had been effective and if all the alleged medical breakthroughs had been true, obviously fewer and fewer people would get and die of cancer instead of more and more–far beyond population growth. But instead of the long-promised cancer cure we now have a cancer epidemic. Why? Because cancer is not only a terrible disease spreading in our midst, it is also a multi-billion dollar industry. The countless millions of dollars donated by well-meaning but misled people for research is little more than an employment/profit scheme. An effective form of cancer prevention would have devastating economic consequences for the cancer industry. Hence the emphasis is not on cancer prevention, but on treatment and diagnostic procedures, because that is where the big money is. Ridding the world of cancer would be as welcome among cancer profiteers as a shark in a swimming pool!

  1. Most people (about 65 per cent according to Statistics Canada–Year 2000 figures) who get cancer–excluding skin cancer–die of it: clearly not much of a success rate!2. Mammography is not a safe procedure. It doesn’t prevent breast cancer, it doesn’t cure it and it often fails to detect it, but it can cause it! According to a study published in the prestigious British medical journal The Lancet (January 8, 2000) “the data show that for every 1000 women screened biennially throughout 12 years, one breast-cancer death is avoided whereas the total number of deaths is increased by six.” In other words mammography screening causes more cancers than it prevents breast cancer deaths.

    3. Mammography produces at least 15 per cent false negatives and has not reduced breast cancer mortality in pre-menopausal women. (Cancer: The Misguided Cell –Dr. David Prescott and Dr.Abraham Flexer)

  2. Breast cancer has more than doubled from one in 20 during the early seventies to one in 8 today. The mortality rate has remained virtually unchanged at around 30 per cent while the incidence of breast cancer continues to increase about two per cent per year.
  3. The effects of cancer treatment are often worse than the disease itself and frequently hasten death rather than prevent it. A 33-year study by the late Dr. Hardin Jones, Professor of Medical Physics University of California, found that “untreated cancer victims live up to four times longer than treated individuals.” (The Betrayal of Health by Dr. Joseph Beasley) Another study shows that lung cancer patients who undergo radiation therapy have a 20 per cent higher mortality rate than non-radiated ones (The Lancet, Summer 1998).6. There is no medical or ethical justification for subjecting terminal cancer patients to immune-depressing radiation and chemotherapy. A McGill University study showed that most doctors would reject these therapies if they or members of their family had terminal cancer.

    7. Cancer misdiagnosis is not rare and its victims may be treated for and “cured” of a cancer they never had in the first place.

  4. Various forms of chemotherapy used to treat one form of cancer produces another, e.g. tamoxifen used to treat breast cancer can cause uterine cancer.9. According to the World Health Organization at least 80 per cent of all cancer is environmentally caused and can therefore be prevented. But prevention is largely ignored by the cancer establishment in favour of treatment which fails most of the time, but unlike prevention is very profitable.

    10. The cancer establishment–which enjoys strong corporate support–never criticizes industry for spiking our food, water, air, soil and even some medicines with carcinogens. Instead it blames cancer victims for their lifestyles and being genetically predisposed to the disease.

    11. A cancer patient who is subjected to both chemotherapy and radiation risks getting secondary tumours 25 times the normal rate (The Cancer Industry by Ralph Moss, PhD.)

    12. Early diagnosis doesn’t necessarily mean a better chance of survival, but it does mean a better chance to be included in the five-year-survival group. Cancer is the only disease that uses the term five-year-survival instead of cure. A person who lives five years following cancer diagnosis and dies a month later shows up in cancer statistics as cured. This is moving the goal posts to make cancer statistics look better than they are –a profitable ploy for fundraising!

    Millions of people keep donating to the cancer establishment without having a clue what exactly happens to the money. Public ignorance about the politics of cancer is the result of widespread distortion and suppression of relevant facts by the cancer industry, government, and most mainstream news media. In the meantime an average of 160 Canadians and some 1,500 Americans die of cancer every day: most of them needlessly. The global cancer death toll is between six and seven million people per year.