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What is Orthodox Medicine Hiding? | Cancer Truth

What is Orthodox Medicine Hiding?

Posted by on May 2, 2017 in Cancer | Comments Off on What is Orthodox Medicine Hiding?

Suppose you had a chart where for each type of cancer, diagnosed at each stage, there is listing of every possible type of cancer treatment plan, alternative and orthodox, along with the “total life” that each plan provides the typical patient with this type of cancer, which is diagnosed at each stage. Suppose also that these statistics were compiled by honest people.

For example, suppose there was a page for stage 3 / pancreas cancer. On this page was a listing of the 100 best alternative treatments for stage 3 pancreas cancer, along with the expected “total life” of new cancer patients who chose each of these treatment plans. Likewise, suppose on this same page was a listing of the “total life” for each of the dozens of types of orthodox cancer treatments. Plus, suppose there was the “total life” of those who refused all treatments.

By looking at this chart, a person with newly diagnosed stage 3 pancreas cancer could easily determine which of the more than one hundred types of cancer treatments had the highest “total life” for stage 3 pancreas cancer. Likewise, suppose a similar chart existed for each type of cancer, diagnosed at each stage.

To apply this concept, suppose you were diagnosed with Stage 3 pancreas cancer. Suppose you looked at the chart for “Pancreas cancer / Stage 3” and saw that a patient who took a specific orthodox treatment had a “total life” expectancy of 2.3 years and that patients who were treated with the Cameron/Pauling vitamin C protocol, and did not have any orthodox treatments, had a “total life” of 13.8 years. (Note: the actual “total life” numbers are not known but the “total life” ratio in this hypothetical example is based on the actual Cameron/Pauling ratio.)

You would note that the orthodox patients went through months of very painful chemotherapy and radiation, not to mention they suffered much sickness, the destruction of their digestive tract linings, sterility, DNA damage, destruction of their immunity system, etc. The vitamin C patients had none of these side effects, instead they had their immunity system built up and lived 11.5 years longer. Which treatment would you pick based on the chart?

Wouldn’t you love to see the chart for your situation if you were recently diagnosed with cancer!! I would love to see such charts!! This web site would not be necessary!!

Having a chart as I just described, for the best 100 alternative treatments for cancer and for all orthodox treatments, it would be easy to decide which treatment protocol to choose. However, it is the sole purpose of the FDA, NCI (National Cancer Institute), and NIH (National Institutes of Health), all government agencies, to make sure such charts are never created.

Why are government agencies and orthodox medicine so opposed to these charts existing? Because if such charts existed no one would ever choose orthodox treatments for cancer. No one – EVER!

If such charts existed, the percentage of recently diagnosed cancer patients who died of something unrelated to cancer and unrelated to cancer treatments would quickly climb to over 99% because everyone would take a combination of the best alternative treatments for their type of cancer! That is not an exaggeration!

But the government doesn’t want you to pick the right treatment, they want you to pick one of the Big Pharma treatments. They don’t want you to know the truth.

It is not that these people want you to die — they don’t care about that — they want money. The typical high-level government employee in the FDA, NIH or NCI will be a millionaire within 3 years of quitting the government. Big Pharma will reward them for their “services” while they were with the government. This word spreads back to the current executives and the cycle of loyalty continues.

Essentially, the government agencies are nothing but departments of Big Pharma. I will say more about that in a moment.

“There is no lobby in Washington as large, as powerful or as well financed as the pharmaceutical lobby, and according to a report from Public Citizen, more than half of the drug industry’s 625 registered lobbyists [that is more than the number of members of Congress!] are either former members of Congress or former Congressional staff members and government employees … Other evidence suggesting possible FDA bias turned up in a study revealing that 37 of the 49 top FDA officials who left the agency moved into high corporate positions with the company they had regulated. Over 100 FDA officials owned stock in the drug companies they were assigned to manage.”
But let’s think about those charts I talked about earlier. Suppose that orthodox treatments were at the top of every one of the charts, and alternative cancer treatment fared very poorly against orthodox treatments. Why would Big Pharma feel the need to bribe public officials and Congressmen?

If alternative medicine didn’t work, the FDA would shut down all the quacks, and Big Pharma wouldn’t care. But it isn’t the quacks that Big Pharma is concerned about. It is the people that can cure cancer that Big Pharma bribes the FDA to shut down.

Yes, there are “alternative medicine” “quacks” out there, but by shutting down the real quacks, there is a public impression that everyone the FDA shuts down is a quack. Nothing could be further from the truth. Many of the clinics the feds shut down (whether FDA, FTC or whatever) are top-notch alternative clinics that have very high cure rates. There have been scores of excellent alternative practitioners (some of them M.D.s) who had far better cure rates than orthodox medicine, but who were shut down by orthodox medicine, usually by the AMA or FDA.

In other words, if orthodox medicine were superior, in terms of “total life,” why wouldn’t they want those charts to be made?! Ponder that carefully. If orthodox medicine were superior, they would gladly put together the statistical information using “total life” to “prove” their supposed superiority. They wouldn’t need layer after layer of deception — the truth would tell the story. They could save a lot of money in bribes and lobbyists if those charts existed and their products were superior.

The NIH would gladly fund hundreds of legitimate studies for alternative medicine if these studies gave them the results they wanted. But they know the truth and know they must suppress the truth and suppress the charts. It is the attempts by alternative medicine to put together enough evidence to gather these statistics that is the primary target of government corruption (yes, the ease and willingness to be bribed is one of the major criteria for the definition of “corruption”).

Now consider this. If orthodox cancer therapy were superior to alternative cancer therapies, then alternative cancer practitioners would want their patients to have surgery, as part of the treatment, to kill concentrated masses of cancer cells, and hope this caused the patients to live longer. In other words, alternative doctors would use surgery to hide the ineffectiveness of their treatments. On the other hand, orthodox treatments would not require surgery because orthodox treatments would safely kill cancer cells.

But just the opposite is true. Orthodox therapies request surgery to kill concentrated masses of cancer cells and hide their ineffectiveness. On the other hand, I have never heard of one of the respected alternative cancer practitioners recommend surgery to kill cancer cells. It isn’t necessary. The only time surgery is recommended is to remove the pain of a tumor pressing against another organ or if there is a blockage or there is some immediate life-threatening problem caused by the tumor. But never is surgery recommended as part of the cancer treatment.

Yet, in spite of the fact that orthodox medicine uses surgery, in almost every case, a person would live longer if they refused all orthodox treatments, including surgery.

The imaginary charts I am talking about is what the orthodox establishment, which includes the American Medical Association (AMA), FDA, NIH, NCI, American Cancer Society (ACS), quackwatch, etc. don’t want you to ever see. All of these organizations are funded and controlled by Big Pharma or they are in collusion with Big Pharma. There have been over 50 books written on this corruption and suppression of truth! Have you ever heard one of these books discussed on television?

The orthodox establishment wants you to think that there is “no scientific evidence” that alternative treatments work. In fact, our corrupt government has carefully manufactured the public impression that there is “no scientific evidence.” This allows them to justify not creating the charts I have been talking about and it allows them the authority to crush alternative medicine.