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Should I have chemotherapy or radiation or surgery? | Cancer Truth

By Lorraine Day, M.D.


    Please bear with me through this important illustration. Is a headache caused by a deficiency of aspirin? The answer, of course, is NO! Then why do we take aspirin for a headache? What does aspirin do? Headache is NOT a disease. It is a symptom. It just means that you have a pain or ache in your head. Aspirin covers up or decreases the symptom (which is the headache) without addressing the real CAUSE of the headache itself.

Headaches are caused by a number of conditions including tension, stress, lack of drinking enough water, eating the wrong foods, caffeine-withdrawal, to name a few. Addressing THESE CAUSES is the answer to eliminating headache.

    By the same reasoning, is Cancer CAUSED by a deficiency of chemotherapy or a deficiency of radiation? Of course not!

    Do chemotherapy and radiation both actually CAUSE CANCER? Absolutely, yes they both do, as is well-documented in the medical literature as shown in my video “Cancer Doesn’t Scare Me Anymore.”

    Then if chemotherapy and radiation ACTUALLY CAUSE CANCER why are they used to TREAT cancer? Because doctors are not taught the real causes of cancer. In fact, they are taught that no one knows the cause of cancer.

    But the cause of cancer IS KNOWN! You can even read about it in the newspapers. The Harvard School of Public Health admits that at least 65% of ALL cancers could be prevented by a change in diet and lifestyle. Actually, the figure is closer to 99% in my opinion, but still that’s a great admission on their part. So there we have the cause: the wrong diet and lifestyle.

    So what do we do to get well? It’s NOT difficult to figure out. We GET WELL by CHANGING our diet and lifestyle!!

    We all develop cancerous cells in our body every day. If our immune system is working properly, the immune cells will destroy the cancer cells. However, if the immune system is NOT working properly, the cancer cells will build up and we will have a tumor, either of microscopic size or one that is palpable (it can be felt) or one that shows up on some diagnostic test.

    So if cancer is a result of the immune system NOT working properly, how do we rebuild the immune system so it WILL work properly? We rebuilt it naturally by the 10 step method that is detailed on my video “You Can’t Improve on God!”

    Chemotherapy and radiation DESTROY the immune system, the ONLY system in our body that gets us well and keeps us well from EVERY disease! Chemotherapy and radiation also destroy cells indiscriminately. Chemotherapy is poison and kills cells by poisoning them. It is a chemical and, of course, is unable to tell a cancer cell from a non-cancer cell. That’s why a person’s hair falls out and they get so sick and vomit, because the chemotherapy kills cells indiscriminately. The explanation the doctor gives to justify using chemotherapy is that the chemotherapy tends to kill the cells that are the fastest growing or the fast-dividing cells, thus it will kill MORE cancer cells than normal cells. And this is true. But it kills so MANY normal cells, particularly the immune cells, that the patient often dies from the TREATMENT rather than from the cancer!

    Radiation burns out the cancer. It burns everything in its pathway. It also, like chemotherapy, kills cells absolutely indiscriminately and it destroys the immune system.

When the immune system is so severely damaged by chemotherapy or radiation, it can no longer restrain the spread of cancer. It is common after these methods of treatment to find that soon the cancer has returned and spread everywhere!

    So how about cutting out the cancer! Does that get rid of it? Here’s another illustration. If you have the chicken pox, would you go to a surgeon and ask him or her to surgically remove all of the chicken pox marks in your skin so you would then be well from the chicken pox? Of course not. You would still have the chicken pox even if you no longer could see the outward manifestations of the disease, because chicken pox is a systemic disease, not a local disease. It affects your whole body.

    The same thing is true of cancer. Cancer is NOT a local disease. It is a systemic disease. I developed breast cancer, but it was NOT caused by having too many breasts! Cutting the breast off doesn’t solve the problem, because ALL the factors that allowed the cancer to develop initially are still in your body.

    Even if you have the cancer cut out or an organ removed, you still have left in your body ALL of the factors that allowed cancer to develop in the first place. Unless you CHANGE all of those factors, the cancer WILL return either in the same organ or in another organ or you will develop another type of disease. And if you CUT OUT the mass or tumor, what are you going to use to follow your progress in rebuilding your immune system? I’m not suggesting that you shouldn’t have it removed, that decision is up to you. I’m just proposing that you evaluate ALL the options before your proceed.

    How about removing the lymph nodes? The lymph nodes are part of your immune system. If they have cancer in them, that means they are doing their job! They are the little guards at the gate whose job it is to keep the cancer from spreading. When the lymph nodes are removed, then the barriers to the spread of cancer are decreased and the cancer can spread more rapidly.


Q. Is the tendency to cancer inherited? Does cancer run in families?

Here’s another illustration. If you see a very obese woman walking down the street with her two young children, one on each side, and the two young children are also very obese, is the children’s obesity inherited? No it isn’t. The mother feeds herself and she feeds the children the same way. If those children AND their mother change their diet appropriately and begin exercising regularly, there is a 99.9% chance they will become thin and fit.

    Parents TEACH their children how to eat and how to handle stress, either directly or by example. They teach them good ways to eat and handle stress or they teach them bad ways to eat and bad ways to handle stress. This is the way that disease, including cancer, is handed down from generation to generation – not in the genes (except in very rare cases) but in the ways we are taught to eat and to handle (or NOT handle) life’s stresses.

    It takes literally years to develop cancer. We give ourselves cancer and other diseases one day at a time by the way we eat and live. Of course, we don’t mean to do it. We do it ignorantly because we don’t know, or don’t want to know, how really harmful our ways of living are. Fortunately it takes a lot less time to get well than it takes us to get sick. But even then, it took me a full 18 months of total dedication to the program to get well.

One more important thing: Many people actually feel well when they receive their diagnosis of cancer. They don’t feel sick, but this is a delusion. The immune system has to be SEVERELY suppressed for a person to develop cancer. In order to get well, the body must be given huge amounts of nutrition in the form of carrot and green leafy vegetable juices (as well as food), lots of water, LOTS of rest in order to repair diseased tissues and organs, FREEDOM FROM STRESS, and PLENTY of time for prayer and Bible study, since God is the actual healer! He just does it though His natural health plan. We must also learn to be thankful for what we have, learn to forgive and give up anger and grudge-holding and learn to get outside of ourselves and care about others.

    It is almost impossible to follow this plan and continue working as usual. I tried it and almost died! But, you say, “I have to support my family. How will I live if I take a year off work and just concentrate on getting well?” My answer is, “Who will support your family when you are dead?”

This is where Trust in God comes in. God allows us to get ourselves into these terrible situations to accomplish two things:

1) To radically and permanently change the way we eat and live, and

2) To help us learn to trust Him COMPLETELY.

God knows our needs and our problems. If we turn to Him, He has PROMISED to help us. The way we learn to trust Him is get to know Him as a friend, just the way we get to know and trust any earthly friend, by spending A LOT of time with Him.

    Two psychiatrists, Frank B. Minirth, M.D. and Paul D. Meier, M.D. who run 10 large mental health clinics in the U.S. say that “Pent-up anger is probably the leading cause of death!” Just think about that! When we are angry or stressed our intestines cramp, our stomach goes into a knot and our adrenal glands pour out many different hormones that suppress our immune system. The contraction of the stomach and intestines leading to improper peristalsis causes serious problems with assimilation of our food so we do not absorb the nutrition we take in and we do not properly eliminate the toxins from our body.

    Virtually ALL disease is caused by a combination of three main factors:

1) Malnutrition; we eat a LOT of calories, but not much nutrition. We eat a lot of flesh food and animal (dairy) products which are too high in fat and protein with no fiber and very few vitamins and minerals. We eat EMPTY calories, processed food that is high in fat, protein and sugar but very low in vitamins, minerals and enzymes.

2) Dehydration; The body is 75% water and the brain is 85% water. We lose 10 glasses of water from our body every day just by living (from perspiration, from breathing, our breath is moist, and from our body’s need to take water from our cells to transfer into the stomach to make digestive juices to digest our food). Caffeine, found in coffee and caffeinated soft drinks, is a diuretic. It takes more water out of your system than comes in with the drink. Water is a necessary architectural component of every cell. If our cells are deficient in water, they CAN’T function properly. Therefore, our body AND our brain start to break down.

3) Stress: When we are stressed or angry, the stomach contracts and cannot digest our food properly, the intestinal peristalsis stops so we can’t get rid of our waste material and instead we reabsorb these toxins, and our adrenal glands pour out harmful hormones into our body that suppress our immune system. In addition, stress is very dehydrating, thus depleting the body of its much needed water.

The bottom line is that there is NO “QUICK FIX!” We get sick one day at a time and that’s the way we must get well, the slow hard way. It’s the ONLY way to truly rebuild and repair our bodies.


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