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Our Mission at Cancer Truth.Org | Cancer Truth

The Cancer Truth Organization seeks to provide a public forum where physicians, scientists, researchers, the general public and cancer patients can voice their findings and opinions regarding the manifold failures of modern medicine with regards to cancer. Since vast evidence exists that the medical profession itself suppresses these failings, we offer you a place in cyberspace where hopefully truth prevails. Your suggestions are welcome.

Faith Testimony: by Pastor Jack Taylor

“I was living in San Antonio while pasturing at Castle Hills First Baptist Church, and struggling with daily bouts of asthma. I cried out to the Lord, ‘Won’t You heal me?’. Then I heard the small voice of the Holy Spirit say; ‘Yes Jack, you are healed’. I rushed to tell my wife, and we both rejoiced. At bed time, however, I was fighting to breathe, and not being comfortable enough to sleep, I went to use my asthma inhaler. The Holy Spirit said; ‘I told you that you are healed’. So I argued saying; ‘I can’t sleep this way, I have to use the medicine’. The Holy Spirit just said; ‘believe’. So I went to bed in pain and wheezing. I finally did sleep and when I woke up in the morning, the asthma was gone, and for good too. I don’t believe I would have received my healing had I trusted in the asthma inhaler again.”

Chemo Success Stories?

Trumpeted successes in cancer treatment often turn into dismal failures. One of the best-known examples happened in early 1999 when the Mayo Clinic at Rochester declared King Hussein “cancer-free” after extensive chemotherapy treatments for lymphatic cancer. The king returned to Jordan for a victory parade, greeting his people while standing in a luxury convertible. Only a week later the triumph turned into a tragedy when he was rushed back to the Mayo Clinic where suddenly the diagnosis was changed from “cancer-free” to the prognosis of “imminent death” due to multiple organ failure. He died on February 7, less than two weeks later. There can be little doubt the severe damage to his organs was caused by the cancer treatment which included chemotherapy.

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