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Open Letter | Cancer Truth

An Open Letter From Lorraine Day, M.D.

Over the past three or four years, I have attempted to write a personal answer to all who have written to me regarding their health problems. Unfortunately, the volume of mail has gotten so large that I am unable to continue doing that and still have time to eat and sleep. I am only one person, and there are literally millions of sick people in this country so there’s no way that I can keep up. For the same reason, I am not able to talk with people on the phone. There just aren’t enough hours in the day. And I do not see patients. I spend my time on radio and television, or making videos and writing books. This is the most efficient way to reach large numbers of people.

And that’s exactly why I made my videos!! Because it’s impossible for me to tell each person individually. Everything you need to know to get well is on the videos!

Some people write to me saying “I have watched your videos and found them to be very informative. I have breast cancer (or some other kind of cancer, or another serious disease), what should I do?” My reply is: “The ANSWER is on the videos!” The video “You Can’t Improve on God” details the EXACT plan I used to get well from cancer. Nothing more, nothing less. That’s it! The plan is designed to be done at home. That’s the way I did it.

The plan rebuilds the immune system, the ONLY system in your body that gets you well and keeps you well from virtually EVERY disease.

All you have to do is watch the video as many times as you need to in order to understand the concepts, taking notes throughout the video as you watch, to get the specifics well in mind — and then (if that’s your choice) just DO IT!


1) Watch the videos as often as necessary until you understand the concepts regarding the factors that cause disease.

2) Take notes as you watch as though you were going to take a test on the material.

3) Write down the 10 steps of the health plan and specifically write down what is involved in each step and what you have to do.

4) Make out a juicing schedule.

5) Write down the specific recipes for the carrot/apple juice and the green leafy vegetable/apple juice.

6) Order a raw food recipe book and a cooked food recipe book (from the ordering information given at the end of “You Can’t Improve on God” or “Diseases Don’t Just Happen”). Remember all recipes in these books are not necessarily appropriate for a cancer patient. Choose the recipes that stay within the nutritional guidelines as detailed on my videos.

7) Make out a daily schedule incorporating ALL ten aspects of the plan.


9) And do it ALL! That’s the ONLY way to achieve success.

10) If you have questions later, watch the videos again, as often as necessary.

11) Start, one by one, ordering and reading the reference books noted at the end of the videos “You Can’t Improve on God” and “Diseases Don’t Just Happen.” Educate yourself. This will increase your commitment to getting well.

12) The book “Your Body’s Many Cries for Water” is a “must-read” for everyone who is ill with ANY disease. It’s available from Rockford Press at 1-800-574-2437.


By the way, one question people frequently ask is “How big is a glass?”

ANSWER: When I refer to a “glass” of carrot juice or a “glass” of water, I mean “8 ounces.”

Look at a measuring cup in your kitchen. It says “8 ounces.” Or maybe people aren’t cooking at home anymore since it seems the whole world is eating out at fast food restaurants! That’s, of course, one big reason why so many are so sick.


For Those Recently Diagnosed With Cancer

For those who may have just been diagnosed with cancer and are wondering what they should do, please continue reading.

Cancer is cancer! Whether it is prostate cancer, stomach cancer, brain cancer, breast cancer, lymphoma, melanoma, leukemia (cancer of the blood) or any other type of cancer. ALL cancer is a result of an immune system that is not working properly. Fortunately, ALL cancer responds to rebuilding the immune system by natural methods. The immune system CANNOT be rebuilt with drugs because ALL drugs have side effects that eventually suppress the immune system and damage the body even more.


Don’t Be Afraid!

If you have just been diagnosed with cancer or some other serious disease, DO NOT BE AFRAID!! Yes, the situation is serious, but stay calm and don’t let ANYONE push you into accepting a treatment if you have not had time to understand its potential side effects. Understand that there ARE options! Cancer is NOT something that suddenly drops out of the sky like a big tarantula that grabs on to your body and starts eating your flesh. It takes a very long time for cancer to develop, one day at a time. You have time and the right to settle down and intelligently evaluate what you are going to do. Don’t be unnecessarily pressured.


Can I Rebuild My Immune System If I Have Already Had Chemotherapy And Radiation?

Yes, it is still possible if you have enough immune system left to rebuild. Only God knows the answer, but there is NO way to get truly well other than to rebuild your immune system. But after having chemotherapy and/or radiation, you must “dig out of a deeper hole” so it takes longer.


Should I Use Supplements?

When I first started trying to get well from cancer, I used a lot of supplements. But my tumor GREW! (See the pictures on my website!) So I stopped ALL supplements and went completely natural — natural food, natural juice and pure water, plus all the other parts of the plan. You will notice on my video “You Can’t Improve on God” I do NOT include any supplements.

The only “Supplement” that I found helpful was a whole food called Barleygreen TM from the AIM company. It is the dried juice of the young green barley plant, which contains the widest variety of important nutrients in the plant kingdom.



Also remember, the plan on my videos is NOT just a diet! The proper natural diet is absolutely CRITICAL for recovery from every disease, but it is ONLY ONE part of the ten-part plan. ALL OTHER NINE PARTS of the plan are EQUALLY IMPORTANT!! I could not get well on the diet alone. I had to incorporate ALL ten parts of the plan in order to get completely well.


TRUST IN GOD was also essential for my complete recovery. It’s the only way to have true peace in your life. God is the healer. He just does it through His natural health plan, the natural things He has created for our good. He is the ONLY one who knows exactly what is wrong with you and EXACTLY how to make you well. And He wants to have a daily relationship with you. He will give you the strength, courage, determination and self-discipline to follow the plan, if you ask Him daily. Spend time with Him every day, so you can get to know Him as your friend. Then you can trust Him with your life. Remember, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Phil. 4:13



People with cancer sometimes write and tell me they have lost a lot of weight. They want to know what they should eat to gain weight. The answer is to STOP worryingabout intermediate end points such as gaining weight. You have lost weight because YOU HAVE CANCER!!! STOP worrying about gaining weight and focus instead on GETTING WELL! When you get well, the proper weight will return.



Remember, there is NO Quick Fix!! We make ourselves sick one day at a time by the way we eat and the way we live. Fortunately we can reverse those factors, but we must do it the same slow way, one day at a time! We’re conditioned to want to take a pill or a shot, get it over with right away and get on with our life, living and eating the same way we always have. But that way of eating and living is what has made us sick in the first place. We must change in order to get well.

From the time I got the whole plan together as detailed on my video “You Can’t Improve on God” and began implementing it with 100% dedication, it was 18 months until I was totally well!



Every so often I receive a letter from someone who says, “I’ve been following your plan for (a certain number of) months, and I’m not getting any better.” When I send them a short standard set of questions, it becomes apparent that they really are NOT on the plan — at least NOT the ENTIRE plan! Please read “Reasons for Failure” (below) and make sure you are NOT in any of these categories.

It IS possible to get well from cancer and other serious diseases, by rebuilding the immune system. But the plan MUST be followed with 100% dedication, like “Marine Training!” Cancer is serious business and you can’t just “play around” with the plan. IT MUST BE DONE WITH YOUR WHOLE HEART AND SOUL!! YourENTIRE focus must be on getting well. You can NEVER take your eyes off what is trying to kill you.

And remember, it’s not just a “diet” — It’s a WAY OF LIFE!



For those who do not have cancer but have another disease or disorder, you will see from the information about the videos on my website, the video entitled “Diseases Don’t Just Happen” covers virtually ALL types of diseases and disorders and at the end tells you how to get well without drugs. The video “You Can’t Improve on God”gives, in detail, the entire plan necessary to rebuild the immune system. That’s the ONE system in your body that gets you well and keeps you well from every disease!

If you are taking medications, DO NOT STOP them abruptly!! That can be very dangerous. First start rebuilding your immune system and then after awhile, with very few exceptions, you won’t need them anymore. You can then start slowly weaning yourself from your medications, but only under the observation of a knowledgeable health practitioner.



If you have kidney failure or congestive heart failure you must increase your fluids very slowly, under the care of your health practitioner. Follow the parts of the plan that you can, and as your health improves you will be able to incorporate more.

If you are a diabetic you should concentrate on the green leafy vegetable juices more than the carrot at first because of the natural sugar in the carrot juice. But you can also start with one carrot juice per day, diluted 50/50 with water, carefully monitoring your sugar levels. As you change your diet and begin exercising, your diabetes will improve and you will be able to slowly increase your amount of carrot juice.



On my video “You Can’t Improve on God” I interview my 85 year old mother who was able, within 3 weeks, to get off ALL four of her high blood pressure medications that she had been on for as long as 35 years by following this program. Many others have done the same thing. Within four months her cholesterol dropped from 280 to 120, and her triglycerides (a measure of the fat in your blood) dropped from 565 to 160! And within 6 months she was well from her Polymyalgia Rheumatica (a severe autoimmune disease in the same category as Lupus and Rheumatoid Arthritis, and usually treated with high dose prednisone) and she got well WITHOUT ANY medication!


Additional Information for those who recently have been diagnosed with cancer.

Conventional Medicine has 3 different approaches to fighting Cancer.

1. Poison- Chemotherapy

2. Burn- Radiation

3. Slash- Surgery

In the 4 Corners Protocol listed above, these three Conventional Treatments would fit in the section DESTROY CANCER CELLS. Cancer Patients for many years have been told that these are there best and only options. Conventional Medicine doesn’t even concern themselves with the other parts of the 4 Corners Protocol which involves returning a persons IMMUNE SYSTEM FUNCTION back to the level it once functioned at before Cancer took over, the importance of DETOXIFICATION so that our immune system can return its focus to destroying & eliminating disease instead of dealing with unnecessary waste & toxins that are polluting our bodies. Finally, it has been documented that all cancer patients suffer from ACIDOSIS & therefore have created an anaerobic, low oxygen atmosphere in their bodies that cancer loves. Have you ever heard your Doctor talk about any of these items? Conventional Medicine only deals with the effect which is Cancer. Most Oncologists won’t even consider other measures that should be taken to improve a persons chances of surviving Cancer by changing the atmosphere that allowed the Cancer to occur in the first place.

The frightening thing is Surveys have been done that document that the overall mortality rate for Cancer is the same now as it was 30 years ago when President Nixon “Declared War On Cancer”. The information that follows may explain why Conventional Cancer Treatments have had such dismal results.


It is well known that Chemotherapy kills practically everything it comes in contact with. The Medical community is very aware of this but the hope is that Chemotherapy will kill the Cancer before it kills the patient. Did you know that if Chemotherapy is spilled on you, it will burn right through your skin? That is why the people administering it where rubber gloves. If Chemotherapy is spilled on the floor during administration, the people administering it have to put on a regulatory protective suit before they can clean up such a spill. Having said that, do you really want this pumped into your veins and is it any surprise that patients have such a immediate negative reaction such as nausea, vomiting, headaches etc.?
Let’s discuss just two of the things that happen once the Chemotherapy is in our bodies.

1. Chemotherapy kills WHITE BLOOD CELLS.

The Human Body’s immune system consists of a variety of White Blood Cells that are designed to defend our bodies from a host of Viruses, Bacteria, Cancers & other Diseases. By the way, did you know that we have Cancer Cells dividing in our bodies on a daily basis? However, a properly functioning Immune System has the ability to identify and destroy these threats to our health. If you have Cancer now, you can be sure that your Immune System is impaired. How do you know? If you are 50 or 60 years old and you have just been diagnosed with Cancer, ask yourself a question. Why didn’t I get Cancer when I was 20 or 30 or even 40. Why now? One reason could be due to the fact that your immune system (White Blood Cells), which has kept these Cancer Cells in check your whole life, is now overwhelmed & not able to perform at the level it used to. This may be caused by your body being full of toxins and pollutants due to the foods you are eating and liquids you are drinking. Other reasons could include the environment you live in as well as your stress levels and how you react to that stress.
After reading this information, one quickly realizes when Chemotherapy kills your White Blood Cells it is a Step by Step destruction of an already compromised immune system, one White Blood Cell at a time. Did you know that studies have been done that indicate that over 60% of Cancer patients who take Chemotherapy die from opportunistic illnesses like pneumonia, the common cold, etc. instead of the Cancer in itself. Why? They have no immune system left to fight anything.

2. Chemotherapy kills RED BLOOD CELLS.

Red Blood Cells are your oxygen carriers. In the section called WHAT YOU MUST KNOW, you will find a section that discusses ACIDOSIS. This section explains how important it is to have a balanced PH. Did you know all Cancer patients have 2 things in common irregardless of the type of Cancer they have? They are highly acidic and anemic which causes a myriad of health problems. Acid drives out Oxygen and creates an anaerobic atmosphere that Cancer & other degenerative diseases love and thrive in.

We have all heard of Bladder Cancer, Pancreatic Cancer, Colon Cancer etc.. How often do you hear about Heart Cancer? The answer is almost never if ever. Think about this for a second before you keep reading. What is going on in the Heart that would keep Cancer at bay? Why hasn’t the Medical Community investigated this further to find out what properties or conditions involved with the Heart dissuade the growth of Cancer when Cancer is found & flourishes everywhere else in the body?

If Cancer does indeed love anaerobic, low oxygen atmospheres but can not survive in a highly oxygenated atmosphere, then it makes sense why people don’t get Heart Cancer due to the fact that the Heart receives a never ending supply of Red Blood Cells that have just been filled with oxygen from the lungs. This example would lend credence to the opinion of those who believe that the body must have a balanced PH which would then allow the body to be properly oxygenated to keep Cancer & Disease in check throughout the rest of the body. These questions need to studied and answered.

The reason, many Cancer patients are Anemic, is because Acid drives out the Oxygen found in a Red Blood Cell. As that Red Blood Cell(full of Oxygen) travels from the Heart to the rest of the body, the amount of Oxygen in that Red Blood Cell can be diminished depending on the Acid atmosphere it is traveling through. Did you know that advanced Cancer Patients are usually 1000 times more acidic than a healthy human being? This low oxygen atmosphere is the perfect breeding ground for Cancer and may be the very reason why advanced Cancer Patients rarely recover. This Acid Atmosphere as well as other factors like Chemotherapy can cause a condition called Cachexia which causes the Cancer patient to lose their appetite and stop eating. It is documented that around 40% of Cancer Patients die from Malnutrition as a result of this condition not the Cancer itself.
So, if a Cancer patient is already Acidic & if Acid drives out the oxygen causing an anaerobic atmosphere that Cancer loves, how much sense does it make to take Chemotherapy that will kill more of your oxygen carrying Red Blood Cells? By a matter of deduction and the use of common sense once again, wouldn’t that create an even more anaerobic atmosphere and provide an even more desirable situation for Cancer to wreak havoc?

The following is link where you can learn other statistics and opinions on what will one day be considered the Greatest Medical Travesty in the history of man. You will read about a German epidemiologist from the Heidelberg/Mannheim Tumor Clinic, Dr. Ulrich Abel. He contacted over 350 medical centers around the world asking them to send him anything they had published on Chemotherapy. After several years of research , he states that, “Chemotherapy for malignancies too advanced for surgery, which accounts for 80% of all cancers, is a scientific wasteland”.



Did you know that at the turn of the Century 1 out of 33 people would be diagnosed with Cancer in their lifetime? Guess what the chances of getting diagnosed with Cancer are now just 100 years later? 1 person out of every 3 is now being diagnosed with Cancer. Absolutely Frightening!

“What are we doing today that would cause such a drastic increase in Cancer occurrences? One thing is for sure we are now eating foods and drinking liquids that were created by man not by nature. These types of foods filled with chemicals & preservatives were not available 100 years ago. Many of these products are made by Manufacturers that are concerned about their bottom line. Which means, if they have a perishable product, the longer the shelf life of their product, the better the profit margin. At this point, we all have to use some common sense and consider some things that we just take for granted and don’t question. What is being added to our foods to create coloring, texture or to keep it from spoiling? Are we really supposed to be putting these things in our bodies? Next time you go to your cupboard, read the contents information on some of the things you eat on a daily basis. Most of them you can’t spell or pronounce much less possibly know what they are. Then, go sit down at your computer and do an Internet Search for some of these things. You may be surprised at not only what these items are but also what other uses they have.


For example, did you know some Manufacturers of Cheese add Aluminum to there cheese so that it will have better melting properties. There is no need nor benefit to the human body from Aluminum. Inspite of statistics, which state Aluminum is a possible cause for Alzheimer’s due to the fact that Alzheimer’s patients have higher Aluminum levels found in their brains than people not suffering from this horrible disease, these Manufacturers continue to add the Aluminum. Did you know Alzheimer’s Disease did not exist 60 years ago? Is this a coincidence or is what we are putting into our bodies causing a rise in disease and Cancer? This is just one example. Everyday we are hearing more and more about other things that cause Cancer & Disease. These things were not available 100 years ago but are today. Is there a connection? If this isn’t the answer, what is?
Some people at this point might still might not see how what we eat & drink could be causing the increase from 1 in 33 people being diagnosed with Cancer, 100 years ago, to the frightening rate now of 1 in 3. So lets talk about how scientists can create cancer in Lab Mice so they can perform necessary Cancer Testing using these mice as their test subjects. These scientist can’t just sit around and hope the mouse gets cancer. So, they create cancer by changing the once clean and pristine atmosphere in the mouses body to a polluted, carcinogenic and low oxygen atmosphere which will allow cancer to thrive. They do this by injecting carcinogens into the mouse. Did this mouse have a predisposition for Cancer? Of course not! Scientists can change the atmosphere in any animal in this same fashion and cause Cancer to flourish.

We have all been led to believe that only our genetics will determine whether we have a predisposition for Cancer and that there is nothing we can do about it. Once again, we need to use our common sense instead of blindly believing what we have been told and ask ourselves this question. If Scientist can create Cancer by changing the atmosphere in these animals, isn’t it quite possible that the rise in cancer from 1 in 33 to 1 in 3 is due to the fact we ourselves are creating that same atmosphere in our own bodies that Cancer THRIVES IN due to what we are putting into our bodies?