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Self-Help Cancer
Cancer Tutor website *****
Dr. Contreras website, HERE
Dr. Lorraine Day’s website, HERE
The Tumor Dr. Day was healed of, HERE
Visit Dr. Ralph W. Moss website at www.cancerdecisions.com
Why Science is “Double-Blind”, HERE
Personal Testimonies of Healing, HERE

Mesothelioma Symptoms

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Suggested Reading

(I love to purchase these at half.com and eBay.com)
The Hope of Living Cancer Free, by Francisco Contreras, M.D.
The Coming Cancer Cure, by Francisco Contreras, M.D.
Your Body’s Many Cries for Water, by F. Batmanghelidj M.D.
Foods That Heal, by Bernard Jensen Ph.D.
Water & Salt, the Essence of Life: The Healing Power of Nature, by Dr. Barbara Hendel
The Cancer Conspiracy: Betrayal, Collusion and the Suppression of Alternative Cancer Treatments, by Barry Lynes

From Dr. Lorraine Day’s website

1) Cancer Doesn’t Scare Me Anymore (DVD or video)

2) More on Cancer (CD or audiotape that is to be used along with the DVD above)

3) You Can’t Improve on God (DVD or video) It contains the EXACT Plan I used to get well.

4) Getting Started on Getting Well (My Workbook that helps you implement the Plan detailed on my DVDs/videos. The Workbook cannot be used alone.)

5) Your Body’s Many Cries for Water (Book)

6) My Utmost for His Highest (Book)


Although the clinics listed below have treatments that are similar, the manner in which they implement their treatments can vary widely. We do not question or criticize any aspect of these different approaches because each works as an integrative whole and the clinics listed here have a strong track record in reversing cancers. We highly recommend you contact these clinics as they have a wide range of services as well as a great depth of experience working with cancer patients and can offer you the support you will need. The specific clinics listed here by name are those we know or those we know of by reputation. Other clinics, in the US and throughout the world, can be found under Clinic Listings, below.

Featured Clinics

Ann Wigmore Foundation (New Mexico)
Ann Wigmore Natural Health Institute (Puerto Rico)
Burzynski Clinic (Texas)
Gerson Institute – Charlotte Gerson (California; Mexico)
Hippocrates Health Institute – Brian Clement, Ph.D. (Florida; California)
Holistic Medical Clinic of the Carolinas (North Carolina)
Living Foods Institute – Brenda Cobb (Georgia)
Oasis of Healing – Thomas Lodi, M.D. (Arizona)
Oasis of Hope (Mexico)
Weimar Institute (California)
Mesothelioma Veterans Center

Cancer Information Sites

Alternative Cancer Therapy FAQs
Annie Appleseed Project
Association of Cancer Online Resources
Breast Cancer Action
Breast Thermography
Cancer Control Society
Cancer Cure Foundation
Cancer Links
Cancer Prevention Coalition
CANHELP (cancer info and referrals)
People Against Cancer
The Cancer Project



Alive and Well, Philip Binzell, Jr., M.D.
Cancer Diagnosis, W. John Diamond, M.D. & W. Lee Cowden, M.D.
Cancer Free, The East West Foundation
Eat to Beat Cancer, J. Robert Hatherhill, Ph.D.
Dr. Max Gerson: Healing the Hopeless, Howard Straus
Health in the 21st Century, Francisco Contreras, M.D.
Love, Miracles and Medicine, Bernie Siegel, M.D.
Questioning Chemotherapy, Ralph M. Moss, Ph.D.
Reclaiming Our Health, John Robbins
Save Yourself from Breast Cancer, Dr. Robert Kradjian, M.D.
Should I Be Tested for Cancer?, H. Gilbert Welch, M.D.
The China Study, T. Colin Campbell, Ph.D.
Unexpected Recoveries, Tom Monte
World Without Cancer, G. Edward Griffin

The Cancer Industry:

Cancer Wars, Robert N. Proctor
Forbidden Medicine, Ellen Brown
The Cancer Industry, Ralph Moss. Ph.D.
The Healing of Cancer, Barry Lynes
The Politics of Cancer Revisited, Samuel S. Epstein, M.D.
When Healing Becomes a Crime, Kenny Ausubel

A more extensive list of references can be found in the book, Healing Cancer From Inside Out.

9 Proven Ways to Reduce Your Cancer Risk

Asbestos: What You Need to Know When Buying, Selling or Remodeling

Creative play: Helping children cope with cancer

A Sobering Diagnosis: Coping With a Terminal Illness Diagnosis as a Recovering Addict

17 Simple Ways to Prevent Air Pollution in Your Home

Asbestos, Mold and Other Toxins

The health hazards of sitting