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Hormone Replacement | Cancer Truth

by Dr. Bruce West

If you are an older woman, be aware of the connection between medicine and the potential for severe memory loss that can wreck your life, and that of your family. It all begins with a prescription for estrogen to “help you through menopause”, and continues until you develop breast or endometrial cancer.

If you get breast cancer, the estrogen prescribed will be immediately stopped – without an apology for causing the cancer. If you get endometrial (uterine cancer), know that the cancer was caused by the only known cause of uterine cancer – estrogen. You will have a complete hysterectomy and have your prescribed estrogen immediately stopped – again with no apology for causing the cancer.

Either way you will be thrown into an estrogen withdrawal crisis worse than menopause. One of the main symptoms of this sudden, immediate estrogen withdrawal is memory loss. Once it sets in, there is no effective treatment for this condition, which can rob you of your dignity and family. This what has happened to tens of thousands of American women – all thanks to their medical treatment.

If you have not reached the late stage of this problem, take action now. Wean off estrogen and begin to use natural foods and supplements that can help you normally progress through menopause. The natural hormone normalizers are exercise, a diet of whole foods with one third of them raw, oils such as flax oil, Blue Ice High Vitamin Cod Liver Oil, and these Standard Process supplements: Cataplex F (3-6 daily), Black Currant Seed Oil perles (3-4 daily), Prolamine Iodine (1-2 daily) and Symplex F (6-9 daily).

From medical care to memory loss? Avoid it – start now.