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Cancer Not A Death Sentence | Cancer Truth

Cancer Is Not A Death Sentence by Dr. Gary Tunsky

It’s a story being played out in doctors’ offices around the nation. Testing is done, the terrible waiting period begins and then the horrible news is delivered. The patient has a malignant cancer. What happens next can often mean the difference between life and death.
The patient is given a list of options from a smorgasbord of “modern” medical procedures usually including surgery, radiation or chemotherapy. Scared half to death, the shocked victim offers little or no resistance and agrees to the suggested treatment almost immediately.

But are cancer patients really being told all of their options? Might there not be other therapies less radical and yet more effective? Treatments more in line with God’s way? The answer is a resounding yes! Unfortunately, however, these alternative therapies are rarely discussed by the orthodox medical community, and if and when they are, it is usually with derision and flippant dismissal.

To counter this flagrant omission by the medical world, House Of David is pleased to now make available Cancer Is Not A Death Sentence! – the first offering in its brand new audio tape series called God’s Way To A Healthy Life. In this powerful program, host Tom Ciola interviews cancer expert Dr. Gary Tunsky. Dr. Tunsky is a naturopathic physician and independent experiential researcher in degenerative and metabolic diseases. He is also the founder of Precision Health Systems of Dallas, Texas. Here are some edited excerpts from this highly informative and thought provoking program.

Dr. Tunsky, you see cancer much differently from the traditional medical practitioner. Could you tell us a little about these differences?
What’s happening in cancer treatment in the allopathic realm is an agenda of drug, cut, burn and poison. Medical schools are teaching that the tumor is the cancer. But this simply isn’t true. Cancer always is a full-blown body disease as opposed to a localized problem. If a woman has breast cancer, for instance, she has a metabolic disease from head to toe. And by cutting out the breast tumor or any localized tumor for that matter, another tumor may very well manifest itself within a year or two.

Not only that, some of the treatments they’re giving are actually carcinogenic. Chemotherapy and radiation for instance, are both cancer causing in themselves. Cancer cells may actually mutate even stronger when exposed to chemo. If the doctors don’t get every single cancer cell with their treatments, the cells will come back like an incubation – possibly as a new tumor in the same region or as a secondary tumor in another part of the body. The problem is that most doctors are not addressing the true issue of cancer. Cancer is a state of disease at the cellular level of the body.

Can you tell us more about this?
First of all, there is no such thing as ten thousand and one diseases such as allopathic medicine makes you believe. There really is only one disease condition. All the fancy names are nothing more than labels that they stick on a particular bodily system that is under attack. You have to understand that the body is going to manifest the actual problem in the area that is unable to clear out the toxins fast enough at the cellular level.

Hasn’t God designed us to be healthy and live a long life?
Absolutely! 120 years. It’s actually quite amazing to observe how resilient God has made our bodies, especially when you consider the toxic environment we have created. There are poisons everywhere – in our air, food, water, beverages, pharmaceuticals, cleaning fluids, pesticides, herbicides, paint fumes, asbestos. The list is endless. Yet, we can fight off these carcinogens with clean air, clean food, clean water and strong filtration systems. It’s a matter of proper ingestion, digestion, assimilation and waste removal at the cellular level.

Might we infer then, that God wants us to live a long and healthy life but Satan is trying his best to destroy us? Our bodies are a battlefield so to speak.

I would agree with that. If you look at the big picture, you will definitely see a spiritual battle of evil forces against Christ himself. Our bodies are meant to be the temple of the Holy Spirit. If Satan can weaken us or kill us – obviously he puts a block against the Holy Spirit. His propaganda is everywhere. The media seems to have an agenda to sell pharmaceuticals , foodless foods and lifeless drinks – things of no nutritional value. Just read the labels on some of these products. If it’s not a natural, God-made substance, then the body’s immune system has to work overtime trying to remove these various toxins. Given the fact that there are over 50,000 of them in our environment, sooner or later something’s got to give.

Since the majority of cancer victims are bullied into these various orthodox medical treatments, I would imagine that most of the people who come to you have already run the gamut of these conventional therapies?
Yes, that’s true – and as you would imagine – it makes our job that much harder.

So where do you start?
First we start with education. We have to redevelop their hope since they’re so full of fear. Some have even been given a time frame like 30 to 60 days to live. They’ve been written off, told to go home and get their affairs in order and then basically die. I see this every day. Isn’t that sad? What really infuriates me is that a doctor has no right to say such a thing.

First of all, God – the Master Physician – can step in at any time and heal the patient instantaneously. So the first thing I do is reintroduce faith since the spiritual aspect is as important as anything else I do. I’m well aware that I can’t begin to improve on the supernatural healing power of the Holy Spirit. What I can do is expose the patient to prayer and various healing scriptures while developing the hope of the whole family in unity – and praying with them.

At the same time, we begin a program of removal of toxins in order to allow the cells the opportunity to rebuild themselves. We must allow the healthy cells to get stronger in order to overthrow the cancer cells. We must boost God’s immune system. God’s way instead of man’s way. If the patient is thinking death and destruction and they believe the fears put in them by allopathic medicine – then it’s very difficult for me to work with them. But if I have somebody who’s a fighter, that’s willing to fight for their life and not accept what they’ve been told, and they’re also willing to accept the healing power of Christ, then I have something to work with. With this as a starting point, I then have something to build upon.

What kind of success rate do you have?
I’m pleased to report that we’re able to help about 70 percent of our patients – and keep in mind that most of the people we see are in the final stages or what we call stage four cancer. Sadly, however, we do lose about three out of ten, but these are usually the people who have given up, or are not disciplined enough to follow our program – to change their diet and do the raw juices.

I would assume that you see patients from all over the country?
That’s correct. In fact, we get calls every day from all over the United States. Besides that, we get a lot of calls from overseas – even from as far away as Russia.

Besides dietary changes and raw juices, what other procedures do you employ?
We use a variety of protocols – things like Rife technology, autohemotherapy, sound technology, hyperbaric chamber, ozonation, photon light therapy, colonics, herbs, homeopathics and so forth. All of these protocols work within God’s natural law. Our goal is to rebuild the damaged cellular processes and reestablish a healthy cellular environment, to boost the immune system and modulate it so that it recognizes the tumor site from the inside as opposed to an all-out war from the outside.

We work with people on an out patient basis. Since so many come to us with stage three and stage four cancers, our first month of treatment is very aggressive. Patients come in five days a week for four or five treatments a day. We spend the first 21 days just cleaning them out of all the accumulated toxins in their system.

From time to time, I’ve seen stories or advertisements for some wonder product – an exotic herb, a vitamin or some other mysterious sounding substance that is guaranteed to cure cancer. I would assume from what you are saying that there is no such single magic cancer cure?
That’s correct. I want the people listening to this tape to understand that there is no such thing as a magic bullet or wonder cure. Cancer treatment must be an integrated approach based upon the protocols and philosophy I have outlined in this interview. It must be attacked from a variety of directions.