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About Cancer Truth.Org | Cancer Truth

At the Cancer Truth Organization, we are a loosely knit group of people worldwide who have learned the “hard way” that the traditional methods of cancer treatment in the westernized societies have long ago gone very wrong. The medical societies of today have become deaf, dumb and blind. They are totally unable to see the noses on their faces and make an honest appraisal of the almost complete failure of modern medicine to provide viable and effective solutions to a people riddled with cancer. Not only that, but are blindly offering more and more deadly treatments that actually introduce powerful carcinogens into the bloodstream of trusting patients whose immune systems have been completely destroyed through chemotherapy and radiation. These same wonderful immune systems are the Creator’s intended fighting mechanism of great sophistication. In fact, augmenting the immune system is the only intelligent course of action.

However we have arrived at this dark day is a long and sad history, starting with physicians’ blood-letting and the anal application of mercurous chloride (mercury 85%) that poisoned and killed our first President, George Washington. During the next century, we see hard evidence that the medical society of the time vigorously fought the notion of hand-washing prior to hospital procedures, despite proof from Louis Pastuer and others that hand sanitation would save millions of lives world wide. During the 40 years that the American physicians “refused” to wash their hands prior to child delivery and surgeries, it is estimated that 400,000 Americans died needlessly. This story is truly an American holocaust, but it is child’s play compared to the chemotherapy holocaust of modern American medicine! Perhaps you should consider these facts again after you have read the articles linked from the body of the Cancer Truth home page.

We welcome your submitted research, links and testimonies from your life experiences. If they prove unique and verifiable, we may include them in the ever-expanding works presented here. Blessing to you all.

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