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Chemo Kills Over 97% of all Patients Trusting in Chemo Therapy.

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In recent years, we’ve shared the cancer tragedy with 12 family members and friends, who, having been diagnosed with cancer, were treated with chemotherapy and/or radiation. All of these had faith, and each had many praying daily for their healing. Most were declared “in remission” by the medical establishment. All had their “quality of life” destroyed by their treatment. But sadly, each one died within 18 months of their deadly treatment programs. I and others have come to this shocking conclusion; Chemo Kills. Radiation Kills. Both are very strong carcinogens. Join us as you discover one of the greatest cover-ups of all history.

It’s time for you to learn and decide for yourself, before you or a loved is diagnosed with some form of cancer. In the “shock and fear” of such a diagnosis, many people receive very wrong guidance. Often deadly guidance. In America, more than 12,000 people die weekly from either cancer or the treatment. That astounding figure is true, about 650,000 people in America will die of cancer related illness or treatment this year.

Read Government Approved Medicine is the #1 Killer in America

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