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"There is no physician among the creatures, but the Creator is Jehovah-rophi (God Our Healer). Do not go to earthly acquaintances, for you will find them Job’s comforters after all; but go first and foremost to thy God." Charles Hadden Spurgeon Feb 20, morning




Natural Healing Solutions

The Obvious

  • Stop smoking

  • Stop alcohol consumption that kills the immune system

  • Start or renew a spiritual lifestyle, we are spirit first, then physical

  • Release toxic emotions such as anger, resentment and unforgiveness

  • Stop blaming and all negative thinking

One Doctor's Ten Steps To Healing without Chemo, Radiation or Surgery

1. Nutrition - focus on fruits, grains, veggies. Avoid all forms of sugar, regular flour, dairy and manmade or man-changed foods.

2. Exercise - minimum 45 minutes per day.

3. Water - hydration. Drink a minimum of 72 ounces of spring water per day. Stop all carbonated beverages and coffee.

4. Sunlight - is healthy and required for a strong immune system.

5. Temperance - sugar, coffee, prescription drugs, fatty meats, alcohol, stress, television and anger all suppress the immune system.

6. Fresh air - cancer grows twice as fast with indoor air.

7. Proper Rest - at night, 9 hours is good.

8. Stress Relief - Trust in God. Find a spiritual life.

9. Attitude of Gratitude, no blaming. "In all things give thanks".

10. Spirit of Benevolence - get out of yourself and help others.




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